Frequently Asked Questions

See below for a listing of a few of the most frequently asked questions at Oak Park Village.

Who manages Oak Park Village?

This Community is managed by our elected volunteer Board of Directors. Our paid staff consists of our Community Association Manager (CAM) , our Maintenance Manager and their staff persons. We are a resident owned community COOP operating under Florida Statute 719 and HUD housing federal law.

How does the application to rent or buy work?

All potential buyers and renters guests staying longer than 30 days must have a background check and be interviewed by board members to reside in the community and have access to amenities.

Please visit the "Forms" section of this website to locate the occupancy application and follow the directions on the cover-page for submission. (LINK to FORMS)

Applications take up to 30 days and the “submission date” is the business day the application is completed in its entirety and all requested documents and requirements are provided. If a partial application is submitted, it is not considered "completed" and the 30-day countdown does NOT apply until all requested documents are submitted and all application fields are completed.

Please assign ONE person from your party to contact this office via e-mail or hard copy mail after 10 business days from submitting a completed application with any questions. Please understand, multiple e-mails, calls & voicemails from different individuals result in duplicate work to respond, and may cause confusion in different directions for the same matter. The best way to follow up, is through e-mail or letter from ONE sender and copy as many parties as you need so long as they do not reply and all communication comes from one individual.

If this cannot be achieved, we will revoke the courtesy of communicating with everyone EXCEPT the applicant(s) themselves.

Where do I obtain amenity access?

Owners will find access codes to the clubhouse, annex/library and WIFI in their owner documents. Anyone may ask the Oak Park manager for assistance at any time during office open hours or send them an email request. Ask the Oak Park Manager questions about where amenity and game supplies are located.

How do I use the laundry?

The laundry is for owners, renters and guests. It is located in the same building, next to the office. Cost for washer and dryer use is posted.

How do I rent a marina slip or storage compound space?

Contact the Oak Park Manager to apply for a slip or space. When an appropriate location for the size of your boat, vehicle or trailer is not immediately available your request will be added to a waiting list and you will be notified when a space comes available.

Owners, renters, and guests may use the boat ramp in the Oak Park Marina to put in and take out their boats at any time it is not being used by another. There is a public Lee County boat ramp a short distance west from the Oak Park entrance on Pearl Street. No vehicles may be kept overnight on an Oak Park Street without special exception by the Oak Park Manager, and then must have traffic cones placed at either end of the vehicle.

How do I get a replacement mailbox key?

Ask the Oak Park manager for a duplicate you can have copied at your expense, and return the duplicate promptly to the manager.

How to obtain guest parking passes for this community?

Ask any board member or the Oak Park Manager for a pass form before your guest arrives. Have it signed, fill it out and place it on the dashboard of the vehicle. Park the vehicle only in a designated guest parking spot. They are located at the clubhouse, the office, and next to the water plant at the intersection of Kelp and Aloe Streets. 

How do I submit an Architectural Modification Form?

Please visit the "Forms” section of this website and select the " Architectural Modification Form PDF". Fill it out and deliver or email it to the Park Manager. Architectural requests must be evaluated and approved by the Architectural Committee, submitted by them to the board for final approval or denial at a board meeting.

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